what to expect

Yoga is done in bare feet and stretchy, unrestrictive clothing – such as t-shirt and leggings or shorts.  Baggy clothing is not ideal as it can get in the way in some poses.  You should leave 2 – 3 hours after eating heavily before coming to a class and don’t drink water during the class (by all means bring some with you for afterwards).  However, don’t come to class on a completely empty stomach or you might feel faint.

Please bring layers – socks and a jumper – for relaxation at the end of the class.

Please tell your teacher about any injuries, physical problems or medical conditions before the class.  Please read the medical conditions section before enrolling.

The sequence of poses varies from class to class but will usually include some standing and seated postures.  Twists, backbends , inversions and restorative poses are introduced as students progress and props (such as blocks, bricks, belts and bolsters) are used to help everyone achieve a safe and healthy pose.  In mixed level classes, most poses can be adapted to suit different levels of experience.