Student Guide

A Guide for students attending Yoga Now studio


We provide all the equipment needed for our classes at the studio. However, you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer. It is also a good idea to have your own eye bandage and eye pillow for Restorative and Pranayama classes (level 2 and above).


Yoga is done in bare feet. It is best to wear leggings or shorts and a t-shirt, (men should wear underwear too please). You might like to bring an extra layer for relaxation, Restorative and Pranayama classes. Please cover any skin infections, particularly on your feet.

Food and Drink

Please do not eat heavily for 3 hours before a class. You should not drink during a class but there is a small kitchen in the corridor where water bottles can be filled for after the class.

Personal Property

There is a small reception area at the studio where you can leave your shoes, coats, bags etc. at your own risk. This area is locked during the class and we ask everyone to use the other door from the studio if you need to go to the toilet during the class.

Please wait quietly on the bench outside the studio if you arrive early – the reception area will be locked until the previous class is over.