How to book

You can now book a class at Yoga Now online!

Can I book for just one class?

Yes, you can! Choose the class you would like to attend on the timetable, click on “sign up & pay’ and choose single class. Most classes are 75 mins long, cost £12 (12 credits).

What is the cheapest way to pay for classes?

Paying for classes per month by subscription, is the cheapest cost per class. You can choose to pay for 5 classes per month (at least 1 class per week) for £40 (75 min. classes) or £50 (105 min. classes).

Or you can buy an Unlimited class pass for £75 per month. If you attend 3 classes per week (12 per month) they cost just £6.25 each.

I’m not sure I can come every week. Can I still get cheaper classes?

Yes. You can buy a 10 class pass. These last for 3 months, so you have plenty of time to use them. You can then attend any appropriate classes you choose. There are 2 types of 10 class passes –
120 credits (for 10 x 75 min. classes) and 130 credits (for 10 x 105 min.classes).
Of course, once you have bought your pass, you can spend your credits on whichever classes you like!

Classes, passes, credits… what does it all mean?

This system allows you to book yourself in to any appropriate class you choose. Once you have chosen your payment method, you will have credits which you can spend by booking in to any class.
Buy passes, have credits, go to classes.
Most classes are 75 mins and cost 12 credits.
Longer classes (105 mins. or more) cost 13 credits.

How do I book a place in a class?

Open the timetable, click on the class you want to book for and if you have enough credits, you can register for the class. You are then on the class list for that individual class and a place is held for you.

I need to change my booking…

If you cannot attend a class you have registered for, you need to cancel the registration at least 6 hours before the class, or you will loose the credits. You can ‘deregister’ on the website, on your account page, or using the Tula app on an iPhone or iPad.

Do I need to sign up to your website?

No, you can just pay and book for classes without signing up. However, if you plan to book regularly, you may find it easier to sign up and then you don’t have to type in your details each time. It’s up to you… You can also use the Tula app for iPhones and iPad for really quick booking.