At Yoga Now, you buy credits, which you spend at any suitable classes. We have 2.5, 3 and 3.5 credit classes this term.

2.5 credit classes are 1 hour, 3 credit classes are 75 mins and 3.5 credit classes are 90 minutes or more.


At Yoga Now, we run 4 terms of classes per year, often with a short break between, with a ‘holiday’ timetable. This is quite common in Iyengar Yoga Schools as we consider yoga to be a subject of study that you also practice at home. We encourage regular attendance at a class, so that the teacher gets to know you and you don’t miss any of the syllabus. Our Term passes encourage commitment to a regular class and are the most economical way to attend.

Terms vary in length, usually between 10 – 14 weeks. The passes change each term to reflect this. Approximate term dates;
Autumn Term – September to December
Winter Term – January – March
Spring Term – April – June
Summer Term – July & August

Single class

A credit costs £4 when you pay by the class (e.g. 3 credits for £12). When you book for a class, the cost of a single class will usually be the top option on the drop down menu. These credits last for 10 weeks from purchase.
2.5 credit class – £10
3 credit class – £12
3.5 credit class – £14

Introductory Pass

For new students, this Pass costs £50 and gives you enough credits for 6 Beginners classes, to use in 10 weeks. Choose your first class on the Timetable and select this pass from the drop down menu. This pass is suitable for Beginners classes or the Introductory Course.

*NEW Under 26 Pass*

For those under 26, this pass provides 18 credits for just £30 and no expiry date. You can spend the credits at any appropriate classes. 18 credits is enough for 6 x 3 credit classes at £5 each or 7 x 2.5 credit classes at £4.30 each. It is suitable to use at the Beginners Course.

Term Passes

These are available at the start of a new term only and give you enough credits to attend the same class every week of the term. However, it is up to you how you spend your credits – you can start using your pass as soon as you buy it. Sign in to your account to deregister and register for classes.

For example, “Term Pass for 2.5 c class” – enough credits to attend one 2.5 credit class each week of the term.

Term passes expire at the end of the term and unused credits will be lost – so make up any classes you miss within the term block.
Please note, the Saturday General class is not on every week due to workshops and special events.

Block Passes

We also sell block passes – these all expire after 70 days / 10 weeks from purchase, so please don’t buy more than you will use! The more often you come to class, the cheaper your credits are. They are not always available online but you can ask for them at the studio.

25 credits £  90  (£9 per 2.5 credit class)
30 credits £ 110 (£11 per 3 credit class)
35 credits £ 125 (£12.50 per 3.5 credit class)

Class cost comparison

CLASS Pay by the class 10 week pass Term pass Under 26 Pass
2.5 credits £10 £9 £8 £4.30
3 credits £12 £11 £9.50 £5
3.5 credits £14 £12.50 £11 £5.83

Monthly membership (min 6 months)

Or, if you prefer to spread the cost of your classes, you can take out a recurring monthly membership. Please note, the minimum term for this is 6 months.

Unlimited monthly membership £ 65 per month
– monthly DD payment for unlimited classes (special events and workshops are NOT included). Minimum of 6 monthly payments.

If you are in full time education, living on benefits or in financial hardship, we have discounted passes so you can still come to yoga. Please email Lucy for more details.

Please note;
Once you create an account on this website, you can see your credit total, how many are “on reserve” (used to register you for a class still to come) and how many you can still use. You can free up more credits by deregistering for classes you cannot attend – this must be done before the start of the class.