Autumn Term classes

Beginners Course, Tuesdays 19:20 – 20:20, 6 weeks.

13 Sept – 18 Oct. £50 for 6 classes.
Buy the Introductory Pass, £50.
We only run these courses a few times each year. This is the perfect introduction to Iyengar yoga. Learn everything you need to know to start practicing yoga, alongside other beginners.

After this Beginners Course 1, we will run Beginners Course 2 (25 Oct. – 29 Nov.) which is the next stage of learning. It is hoped that most people will continue and do both courses. However, new students will be admitted part way through the course if spaces become available. Since the 2 courses run consecutively, each week building on the previous week’s teaching, it is best to join the course as early as possible, rather than waiting for a new course to start.

Book for the Autumn Term 2022 – Sept 12 – Dec 17 (14 weeks)

At Yoga Now, we encourage you to attend the same class each week if possible, in order to get the most from your classes. Setting an intention to come every week makes it more likely that you will do it! Regular attendance allows the teacher to get to know you and help you more effectively in the class.

This term is 14 weeks long. There are various options to pay for your classes.

  • Pay by the class.
  • Pay by the Term – 14 classes to use by the end of term (Christmas break). You can use this pass at any 14 classes within the 14 week term, although it is designed to allow you to attend the same class each week.
  • 10 class pass. 10 classes to use in 10 weeks from the purchase date. Designed for those who join the term a bit late or those who know they will be away for a few weeks. Can be used at any 10 classes in the 10 week period from purchase.

To book, go to the timetable page, sign in to your account, select your first class and follow the instructions to pay.


Credits – buy credits to spend on classes.

  • Longer classes cost more than shorter ones
  • 1 hour classes cost 2.5 credits (£10 by the class)
  • 1 hour 15 minute classes cost 3 credits (£12)
  • 1 hour 30 minute classes cost 3.5 credits (£14)
  • If you buy more credits at a time (a Term or 10 class pass) your credits (and classes) cost less
  • Passes are named by the credit cost of the class eg. Term pass for 3 credit classes
  • Single classes cost £10, £12 or £14 each
  • 10 class pass classes cost £9, £10 or £12 each
  • Term pass classes cost £8, £9 or £11 each
  • The Introductory pass costs £50 for 6 classes. This is a special deal for the Beginners Course.


Due to changes in the way UK online bank payments are processed, we can no longer offer a booking link to book for a term of classes. However, if you book for your first class via the timetable, let your teacher know and they can register you for the whole term of classes. You can still deregister and register for individual classes the usual way, by signing in to your account and using the timetable page.