Studio Etiquette

  1. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. It is a no shoe zone! There is a shoe rack in the reception area. If you arrive late and enter through the door directly to the studio, please remove your shoes first. You can carry them with you to the reception area or leave them in the green bench outside.
  2. Please arrive on time for your class. If lateness is unavoidable, the door to reception will be locked and you will need to use the other door which opens directly on to the studio. Please enter quietly and wait until the end of the invocation to set up your mat etc.
  3. You can leave your belongings in the reception area during the class (at your own risk). This area is locked during classes and workshops to protect our belongings. If you need to leave the studio during class (to go to the toilet, for example) please use the other door, directly on to the corridor. You can borrow the studio community flip flops!
  4. Please switch off your phone and leave it in the reception area during class.
  5. Please do not bring water bottles in to the studio. It is not advised to drink during practice but it is a good idea to do so afterwards.
  6. You are welcome to use the studio mugs but please wash and return them to the reception area. There is a small kitchen with drinking water and a kettle in the corridor, opposite the lifts.
  7. Please use the recycling bins in the corridor for recyclable waste – paper, card, plastic and glass. There is a compost caddy in the kitchen for food waste.
  8. Please be respectful of everyone at the studio. Racist, homophobic or sexist comments or behaviour will not be tolerated.