Iyengar yoga class for over 55s

Iyengar Yoga for over 55s


Katie is starting a new class on Wednesday mornings for over  55s.  (Was going to call them senior but we don’t really like that word these days!!)  Getting older happens to everyone and doesn’t come alone as the saying goes.  And in our era we are so lucky that there are encouragements to keep active and fit as we age.  Our muscles tend to shrink as we get older, some muscles we underuse, some we overuse which lead to imbalances in the body and vulnerabilities in key areas.  Yoga asanas address these imbalances, and working on your balance helps you to be less vulnerable to diseases of the joints, muscles and ligaments.  And keeps you sure-footed and able to stand on your own two feet!

This class is open to complete beginners as well as those of you who have been practising for a while.  This is not a therapy class, so not suitable for those with complex or severe health conditions, but it will be suitable for those with minor issues (such as knee or shoulder pain) as long as you are ready to work!

You will need yoga props which are essential for this kind of practice.  A mat, 4/5 blocks, a couple of bricks and a belt.  I realise that some of you newcomers may want to see if yoga is for you before buying this stuff which is fine, we can improvise, but you must have a mat.  But if you decide you do want to continue yoga as you age you will see how essential they are to show us what the asanas are about.  The floor is a prop, a wall is a prop, all of this teaches you the subtle undertones of the asanas and balance.  And, if you are already convinced that Iyengar yoga is a wonderful practice, then do invest in a yoga chair.  Get in touch with us to find out how to get one.

For most yoga props, get a 10% discount at www.ekotexyoga.co.ukhttp://www.ekotexyoga.co.uk

The class will be on Wednesday mornings, 10 – 11am, starting on October 6th.  Bookings are open now.

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  1. Hi Folks
    I’m delighted to hear about the over55s class. I’m 73 now and have been coming to your centre since I was 30 but have been finding the classes, even Clare’s Fri. class, very taxing as I have a problem with a knee consequently I have developed a home practice BUT it’s not really as affective SO HOW ABOUT AN OVER65s CLASS?

    1. Hi Anne,
      So lovely to hear from you and about your many years of Iyengar yoga practice!
      This is actually Yoga Now studio and we are in St. Margaret’s House, Meadowbank. We are an Iyengar yoga studio but I think you are talking about EIYC in Bruntsfield. I have also attended classes there for a while (35 years, not quite as long as you). If you are on that side of town, perhaps you should try going back to Clare’s class? I’m sure she can give you modificiations of asanas and alternative poses to practice when she is teaching things that are not possible for you. The great thing about having practiced yoga for so long is that you will know how to practice safely when you are given an alternative pose and you can just get on with it, within the community of the class. And join in again when you can.
      A home practice is essential but it is also great to practice with others sometimes.
      Best wishes,

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